Shop for the Perfect Mother’s Day Candle at Penn & Beech

Collection: Shop for the Perfect Mother’s Day Candle at Penn & Beech

Shop for the Perfect Mother’s Day Candle at Penn & Beech Moms have a special day once a year, but we all know that they deserve more than that. This is your time to celebrate them in every way possible, from serving them breakfast in bed and making sure the house is tidy to giving them a rela... Read full description

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Shop for the Perfect Mother’s Day Candle at Penn & Beech

Moms have a special day once a year, but we all know that they deserve more than that. This is your time to celebrate them in every way possible, from serving them breakfast in bed and making sure the house is tidy to giving them a relaxing evening complete with their favorite scented candle.

Shop Mother’s Day candles on our website today and learn about how you can even create a custom scent for the wonderful moms in your life that you hold near and dear!

Pour a Candle for Mother’s Day!

Show your mom how much you love her by getting her a Mother’s Day candle featuring her favorite spring scent or another lovely aroma. And if you want to go the extra mile, try customizing a candle with our Come Pour with Us activity.

Not only is this a fun way to get your family members together to create something perfect for that wonderful woman in your life, but the scents you create are also as unique as each of those amazing moms out there! You can also go to the event with your mom because the experience makes for a wonderful Mother’s Day activity. Your mom will love spending some quality time with you as you craft some fantastic candles together. Visit our Come Pour with Us link above for more information and reservation links.

About the Come Pour with Us Process

Creating a custom candle for Mother’s Day is incredibly thoughtful, relatively quick, and very simple. Here’s a rundown on how you can craft a unique candle for the moms in your life:

  1. Smell – Start by smelling a variety of scents and allowing our Scent Specialists to come in and help you create the perfect blend
  2. Choose – We have a variety of vessels that come in different sizes and styles, so it’s up to you to select the ideal one for your mom
  3. Blend – Once you find the right candle holder for mom, you can start blending your custom scent
  4. Pour – Last but not least, you’ll pour your custom oil blend into a beaker of hot wax, stir, then take in the aroma of your own custom Mother’s Day candle scent

After this, you should plan on allowing our candle to set for a few hours before taking it home. Once everything is ready, you can nicely wrap up your candle and have it ready for when Mother’s Day comes along!

Not able to make it into the shop for the Come Pour with Us activity? Not to worry! We also offer custom candles online! Through our simple interface, you’ll be able to create a custom blend of up to three fragrances for a one-of-a-kind candle or reed diffuser.

Candles for Mother’s Day from Our Spring Collection

In the event that you can’t make it into our store for the custom pouring experience, don’t worry, as we still have a variety of candles for mom that will make the perfect Mother’s Day gifts.

Since Mother’s Day falls in the middle of springtime, we wanted to highlight our Spring Candle Collection. Below, you will find a variety of scents to provide inspiration for Mother’s Day candle ideas:

  • Herbal – For a refreshing and uplifting feeling, try one of our herbal scents that can relieve stress or transport your mom to a relaxing day in her garden
  • Citrus – Energizing and fresh, our varied citrus candles can brighten your mom’s day while encouraging clear thinking
  • Floral – Let your mom step into a field of beautiful flowers with notes of jasmine, grapefruit, and lavender via these romantic, soft, and natural aromas
  • Fresh – Give your mom the gift of clean, crisp scents and transport her into the wild with notes of fresh berries, juniper, calming rain showers, and more

We know that each mom has her preferences, though, so be sure to shop our other collections as well to find something just right for the big day.

FAQs About the Best Candles for Mother’s Day

How do I choose the perfect candle for Mother’s Day?

If you’re having trouble picking the best candle for Mother’s Day, there are a few things to consider to help you with your decision. If your mom likes to bake, we offer numerous candles that capture the lovely aromas of fresh foods, such as oven-baked bread, sugar cookies, pumpkin pie, and more.

We also provide Mother’s Day candles that smell exactly like some of your mother’s favorite foods, with options that give off the scents of honey-crisp apples, strawberry jam, watermelon, and more. If your mother likes to enjoy a glass of champagne or bourbon, we also have candles that call to mind their rich scents.

With our wide variety of candles, you’ll be able to find many wonderful options that your mom will absolutely love.

Can I pair the Mother’s Day Candle with another gift?

Yes! In addition to our lovely candles for Mother’s Day, we also offer reed diffusers. If you find a candle scent that your mom would enjoy, but would like to shake things up a bit or do a pairing, you can try also getting the corresponding reed diffuser. This will ensure that your mom will never run out of her favorite scent!

We also offer soy tarts for burners or flameless plug-in melters. The soy tarts come in a 6 pack and feature the same scents as our best Mother’s Day candles.

You can also pair our Mother’s Day candles with a gift card so your mom can shop for more candles throughout the year!

What makes your Mother’s Day candles so unique?

Our candles for Mother’s Day are created with premium ingredients that are free from parabens, phthalates, and other harmful chemicals. P&B candles also have a true burn time of 60 hours or 120 hours, depending on size, making them last quite a long time!

Best yet, our Mother’s Day candles are also hand-poured in a soy-wax blend, and feature cotton wicks and premium fragrance oils. We not only create candles that embody specific scents that our customers love, but we strive to provide products made with the utmost of care.

What are some tips for taking care of candles for Mother’s Day?

If you want to ensure that your candles for Mother’s Day provide the best fragrance for as long as possible, here are some tips that your mom should keep in mind:

  • Trim the wick – Using a pair of scissors, trim ¼ of the wick before you light your candle to ensure an effective burn and prevent any mishaps.

  • Center the wick – Since our candles are created with cotton paper wicks, the wick tends to move as the candle burns. We recommend recentering the wick after you’ve extinguished the flame.

  • Remove debris – As you light and relight your candle, you’ll find that sometimes debris will build up in the center, so we recommend cleaning that up before each relighting.

For more tips, check out our candle care and tips page.

Get the Perfect Candles for Mom Today!

If you’re looking for Mother’s Day candle ideas, remember that Penn & Beech offers products made of premium fragrance oils which do not contain metals or contaminants.

Shop candles for mom on our website or come make your own in one of our locations today. And be sure to contact us if you need any help!

Lastly, from the team at Penn & Beech to all of the wonderful moms out there, we wish you a very happy Mother’s Day!