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Reed Diffusers

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P&B Blend - Reed Diffuser Penn & Beech logo

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Bourbon - Reed Diffuser Glass of bourbon

From $25.00 to $30.00

Lavender Fields - Reed Diffuser Field of lavender plants

From $25.00 to $30.00

Lemongrass - Reed Diffuser Lemongrass oil and plants

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Vanilla Bean - Reed Diffuser Vanilla beans

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Dad's Den - Reed Diffuser Leather chair in den

From $25.00 to $30.00

Elevate your living space with our wide selection of reed diffusers. Reed diffusers are premium fragrance oils that are dispersed into the air over time. They are the perfect companions to a space that doesn’t allow for a flame, because unlike candles, our reed diffusers are flame-free and do not require any heat.

Our reed diffusers disperse scent into the air naturally, and each diffuser from P&B lasts 2-3 months! Just be sure to flip the diffuser sticks over to refresh the fragrance from time to time.

Best yet, refill options are also available at a discounted price. This includes oil and new reeds.

Why Penn & Beech Is Your Choice for Reed Diffusers and Diffuser Sticks

Our carefully crafted reed diffusers create an inviting atmosphere that lingers throughout your home and provides a long-lasting and continuous scent.

Key features of our products include:

  • No flame or electricity needed – Enjoy the safety and convenience of our flame-free reed diffusers. Perfect for homes, businesses, classrooms, dorm rooms and more!
  • Elegant design – Each diffuser comes in a unique glass bottle with a sleek and minimalist design, making it the perfect addition to your décor.
  • Easy to use – Simply remove the plastic cap from the top of your reed diffuser and place the bundle of diffuser sticks inside for a lovely scent. For a burst of fresh fragrance, just flip the sticks from time to time.
  • Ideal for small spaces – Reed diffusers are perfect for scenting smaller spaces, such as half bathrooms and offices, and typically have a gentler scent throw than that of candles.
  • Up to 3 months of enjoyment – Experience a continuous, refreshing aroma for 2-3 months with our premium products.

Learn more about how you can care for your reed diffuser and diffuser sticks by consulting the useful tips page on our site.

Stock Up on Reed Diffusers Today!

Our reed diffusers come in a diverse range of sweet and savory scents, ensuring you can find the aromas perfect for you. Whether you’re drawn to the crisp notes of Balsam Fir or the refreshing allure of Sea Breeze, our collection of reed diffusers has options that cater to any mood or occasion.

Not sure about which scent to choose? We’re happy to help! Contact our team today for any assistance.