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Spring Candles Collection

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Awapuhi - Candle Awapuhi - Candle

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Peony - Candle Peony - Candle

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Verbena - Candle Verbena - Candle

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Tomato Leaf - Candle Tomato Leaf - Candle

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Elderflower - Candle Elderflower - Candle

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Rose Petals - Candle Rose Petals - Candle

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Yuzu - Candle Yuzu - Candle

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Lavender Fields - Reed Diffuser Field of lavender plants

From $25.00 to $30.00

Nothing evokes the spirit of spring better than a whiff of, say, lavender, lemongrass or rose petals. Browse below for the spring candle scents that will bring the blossoming outdoors into your home this season.

Discover Which Spring Candle Scents Are Right for You

Everyone loves the feeling of rebirth spring gives us, and we’re proud to supply candles that perfectly capture what the season represents. Browse the spring candles we offer below so you can bring the aromas of fresh beginnings right into your home.

Herbal Scents

Refreshing and uplifting, our herbal scents will transport you to a beautiful spring day. Make your home feel like a garden as you enjoy the earthy fragrances of tomato or cilantro. You can also close your eyes and breathe in the aromas of lavender or eucalyptus to help ease your mind after a stressful day. Visit our pages for details:

Citrus Scents

Known to be quite energizing, citrus notes in spring scented candles help encourage clear thinking and alertness. Add either Yuzu or Lemongrass to your morning routine as a great start to your day!

Floral Scents

Imagine yourself stepping into a garden of beautiful flowers. Our unique blends such as jasmine, grapefruit and lavender help deliver a romantic, soft, and fresh aroma. Take in enchanting springtime blooms by lighting one of these floral scented candles:

Fresh Scents

Nothing is better than clean, crisp air in the spring, and with the help of these spring scented candles, you can capture the scents you love discovering outdoors. Relax and step into the wild with our scents, breathing in aromas from berries, wild currant, calming rain, and more:

Proper Care and Tips for Our Spring Scented Candles

Understanding how to properly take care of your candles can ensure a safe environment and a long-lasting burn. When you go to light your spring scented candles, we advise the following:

  1. Center your wick – Since our candles are made with cotton paper wicks, the wick may start to travel off center in the warm wax. You can recenter it by gently holding the end and sliding it toward the middle. This may be the best to do after extinguishing the flame, and while the candle is still warm.
  2. Trim your wick – Once the wick is centered, you’re going to want to trim it! While using a pair of scissors or a wick trimmer, cut your wick to ¼ of an inch before lighting your candle. By doing this every time you light your spring scented candles, you can ensure an even burn and minimized soot buildup.
  3. Remove debris – Make sure to remove any wick trimmings, matches or other debris. If you neglect to do so, they can reignite and create a flame too large for the candle, posing a safety issue.
  4. Strike a match and enjoy!

Why Choose Penn & Beech for Spring Candle Scents

At Penn & Beech, we understand and appreciate the power fragrance holds for all of us. Scents have the ability to immediately call to mind a season, a holiday, or even a memory, which is quite remarkable.

Whether you want to reminisce about the season or you are looking forward to the fresh aromas spring will soon be bringing, you’ll want to take full advantage of the spring candles we’ve created.

By choosing Penn & Beech for spring candle scents, you’ll gain benefits such as:

  • Return program – We care about the environment, which is why we offer a return program where we’ll give you a $1 credit per returned candle vessels toward the purchase of a new one.
  • Wholesale candle program – Through our wholesale candle and private label program, you can use fragrance to tell your company’s story. We offer personalization and customization so that you can make your brand pop!
  • Pour with us – Discover the magic of custom fragrance by coming to our in-store experience. Perfect for a variety of events such as date nights, bachelorette parties, or team building, you can create a scent unique to you and your companions!
  • Clean ingredients – All of our spring candles are made with premium natural oils that are free of metals and contaminants.
  • Burn time of 60 hours – Hand-poured with a soy-blend wax and cotton wicks, you’ll be sure to experience a safe, clean burn time of at least 60 hours.
  • Contributing to the community – We value our community which is why we give back to local nonprofit organizations by donating 20% of sales.

Learn More About Our Spring Candles

Start fresh both outside and inside your home with the help of our spring candle scents. If you’d like more details about our benefits or want to learn more about who we are as a candle company, contact us today!